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Anti-termite treatments

ADORE Villaments are not the regular flats, but are manifestations of SIX villa apartments on an 4800 Sq.ft. land in 5th Cross of Sathya Nagar, Pondicherry. Each apartment is of 1608.69 sq.ft. total area with separate dual car parking.

With COMFORT THOUGHTS, you will see your thoughts into realities.

* Earthquake resistant framed structure is Independent R.C.C column footing and Anti-termite treatments at levels.
Comfort Thoughts Adore Villaments
* Teak wood door & frames for all doors with Finesta windows.

* Marble flooring for all rooms with roller finish Acrylic emulsion paint

* Adequate number electrical points to suit to all latest electrical and electronic devices. Security camera with intercom.

* Facilities include automatic filling water sump and OHT, SIX passenger lift, rainwater harvesting, entrance lobby with tiles and marble flooring steps are added advantages.
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